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  Compression Fittings

Compression type fittings are most widely accepted practice on EHV lines because of its high Mechanical reliability and Electrical continuity. For distribution line bolted type clamps are popular mainly because of easier installation, without any special tool, maintenance advantage and continuity of jumper. However because of vibration and loosening problems quite often localized heating affects performance and cause outage. Compression type fittings for small diameter conductor has become popular mainly because of its superiority in Electrical conductivity. These are very suitable for AAC, AAAC & ACSR conductor of small diameter. This installation can be done by mechanical crimper having provision for changing dies suitable for hexagonal crimping. While for AAC and AAAC hand mechanical crimper can be used upto a conductor diameter of 16 mm, for ACSR it is not recommended above 14 mm size.

The compression type fittings represent the best technical solution for the High Voltage Transmission Lines both from mechanical and Electrical Point of view.

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