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Insulator fittings


Arcing Horns & Rings

Single point and double point arcing horns in galvanized mild steel flat type upto 69 kV, round ball ended type upto 138 kV and Pipe Type upto 230 kV are available.

For voltage of 380 kV or above corona rings are supplied normally made of aluminiun alloy.

The values for radio interference voltage , corona protections are always kept below the normal internationally specified limits.

Power Transmission Lines should be provided with maximum possible service safety to avoid possible damages to insulators and conductors.

 Flashover is often the cause of outages due to high arc temperature which may damage the conductors and destroy the insulators. Arcing protections an important feature of equipment design. They consists of horns, Grading rings, the shapes and sizes of which are in accordance with system voltage and standardised by High Voltage Electrical Tests. Aluminium Corona Control Rings are supplied for High Voltage applications above 330 KV. A properly designed protection device will avoid the flashover damaging the insulator string. It will make the arc start away from the line conductor and ensure that during all the flashover time the arc is kept away from the insulator string. The ring shape design give a more linear voltage distribution all along insulator string, thus avoiding bottom insulator from Electrical over stress. While for system voltage upto 220KV conventional flat type, ball and rod type and tubular racquet type arcing horns are adequate for UHV lines i.e. 400KV and above special designs are developed.

 RUL has conducted extensive test on various design to optimist its performance under fault conditions. The range is wide both from configuration and size and this catalogue illustrates the basic form of some of the commonly used designs. The arcing/grading rings are produced both in steel (HDG) and satin finish aluminium alloy tube (UHV application).

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