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Insulator fittings

  Insulator Suspension Strings

To achieve a co-ordinated  Electrical and Mechanical performance to suit system requirement standard insulator Hardware Assemblies have been designed. Some of these standard designs illustrated in this page have been incorporated in the designs through years of technical research and practical applications.

The designs incorporate following three principle features:

1.      High Mechanical reliability and flexibility of movement.

2.      Adequate High Voltage Electrical characteristics.

3.   Fatigue free performance under wind induced vibration condition.

Single conductor assemblies are principally used upto 220KV.Twin Bundle  systems are popular for upto 400KV system. Triple conductor configuration has been used extensively  mainly in 500KV system. Quadruple conductor bundle system has mainly been used for 750KV lines. However , for lower system voltage use of bundle conductor is necessary where higher ampacity is demanded. For example for both 132KV and 220KV , twin bundle system has been used extensively and for 400KV Quad system has been used in many countries.

Because of varied nature of terrain and environment conditions, quite often high mechanical strength rating and electrical creepage is desired in the string designs. The demand of various utilities differ even from project to project and as such there is great necessity of  offering suitable designs for specific requirements. RUL has necessary technical infrastructure to design, develop and test strings designs for customer satisfaction.

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