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Insulator fittings


Yoke Plates

Yoke plate and Sag Adjuster play very important in the design of suitable insulator strings. Yoke Plates are used for strain equalising of insulator string as well as spacing of sub- conductor . Upto 220KV single conductor system for important locations like Highway crossing. River crossing, Railway track crossing, dual string tension and suspension arrangements are used and the total load is equalised by suitable yoke design. Normally upto 220KV the spacing is 330 mm whereas for UHV lines where there is necessity of creating required sub-conductor spacing the applicable gaps are 400 mm, to 500mm. For special application of open profile insulators having large diameter it may be necessary to increase the sub-conductor spacing upto 600mm.

 Various types of Yokes and Sag adjustment devices are illustrated in the above photographs and are not exhaustive. Provision  are made in the yoke devices to facilitate hot line maintenance.

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