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Pole Line Hardwares

1SquareNut 18 Carriage Boltds 33 Double Arming Eyebolts
2,3,4LockNut 19 Double Arming Bolts 34 Oval Eye Bolts
5FlangeNut 20 Pole Top Pins 35 Straight Thimbleye Bolts
6SquareWasher 21 Insulator Pins 36 Angle Thimbleye Bolts
7SquareCurvedWasher 22 Lag Screws 37,38 Guy Attachment


23 Cross Arm Braces

39 Guy Hooks


24 Staples

40 Transformer Trainer Bracket

10 Hook 25 Thimble Eyenuts 41 Stay Rod Tubular Type
11 Extension Link 26 Oval Eyenut 42 Stay Rod & Plate
12ServiceWedgeClamp 27 Straight Thimbleyelets 43 Angle Suspension Clamps
13 Anchor Rods 28 Twin Eye Nuts 44 Insulated Secondary Clevises
14 Cross Arm Braces 29 Angle Thimbleyelets 45,46 Insulated Swinging Clevises
15 Ground Rod Clamp 30 Ground Rods  

16 Screw Anchor

31 Spool Bolts


17 Machine Bolts

32 Alley Arm Braces

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Square Nut Platesfor Brackets
Lock Nut Insulated Swinging Cleviss
Flange Nut Forged Eye Anchor Rods
Square Washer Angle Brackets
Square Curved Washer Insulator Bracket, Brackets Angle
Double Span for Braces Apparatus Mounting Brackets
Spring Washer Transformer Brackets
Extension Link Transformer Mounting
Service Wedge Clamp Carriage Bolts
Ground Rod Clamp Clamps & Cable Suspension
Danger Plate Connecting Link & Plates
Double Arming Bolts Cross Arm Braces, Pole Steps
Eyelets Eyenuts
Anchor Shackle Oval Eye Bolts
Insulators or D.O.E. Upset Bolts
Guy Attachments, Guy Hooks Trussing Tackle
Pole Bands Forged Steel Pins
Insulated Crossarm Clevis,Insulated
Secondary &  Deadend Clevis
Angle Cable Suspension   Clamps,
Intermidiate Crossarm & Tie  Brace Lag Screws and Hooks
 Pole Top Pins Round Washers, Lock Washers
Single Pole Intermidiate 
Crossarm & Tie Stay Roads
Stay Rods Supporting for Single
Diverters Pilot
Thimble Eye Bolts Ground Rods, 
Staples for ground Wire
Guy Clamp, Grounding Clamp for
Static Wire

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